Welcome to CNC 2.0.!

Wow, we just launched The Collective in June and here we are kicking off a whole new site. Welcome to CNC 2.0. To be honest, this was all part of our master plan but I just can’t believe we pulled it off! Luckily we have some amazing people working tirelessly behind the scenes and this is the fruit of their labor.

So just to recap - The Cartoon Network Collective is this exciting new “thing" we launched to bring super-talented artists to interpret our favorite CN shows and characters. But it’s not just about making a bunch of merch (although that’s a pretty great reason too), it’s about building a community of creative people like you. You’re not just passive fans of the show. You embrace the depth of these stories and characters. You want to make and share and love them as much as we do!

We started it all off by inviting some pretty awesome artists to contribute their vision to this thing we call The Collective. And we will continue to do so. We launched with posters, apparel, phone cases and notebooks, and soon will be adding some exciting new categories and really unique items that make this so much more than just your average “marketplace.” But the 2.0-ness of it all is that we are now inviting YOU to contribute as well. We’ve seen you at the cons, we’re following your posts, we know how talented you are. Now let us share your greatness with people who will appreciate it too. You’ll be able to submit designs, vote on your favorites, and even earn some scratch along the way. We’re going to add cool new content like time-lapse creation videos, coverage of events like our upcoming show at Gallery Nucleus, exclusive interviews and more of the things you want to see.

So sharpen those pencils, watch those shows and get ready to do something about it!


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